Whether in the living room, yoga or in the office, a diffuser offers a versatile alternative to a conventional room spray or room perfume. Choose an individual, suitable perfume oil, also called perfume oil, for your aroma diffuser and thus create an aromatic fragrance experience that can give you an ultrasound aroma diffuser.


Various essential oils have a varied effect. For both headaches and colds, as well as for stress and depressive moods, a fragrance diffuser with essential oils can do wonders. Depending on the fragrance oil, a diffuser can, for example, increase your motivation or release tension. Using modern ultrasonic fogging technology, a room diffuser is also used as an air freshener and air humidifier.


Diffuser oil types: These 5 fragrances you should know

The selection of fragrances and fragrance categories is simply huge. There are two different types of diffuser oil that you can use for your aroma diffuser: essential oils and scented oils. The latter are chemically prepared; For essential oils, the fragrance components come from herbal, i.e. natural, components.



Body: both appetizing and digestive; Relaxes (against convulsions, insomnia)

Mind: against anxiety and depression (for more cheerfulness), stimulating concentration



Body: against cold and infectious diseases, healing, digestion

Mind: stimulating, stimulating concentration; Against oppression



Body: against burns and scalding, bloating and nausea

Mind: soothing, against worries and anxieties



Body: against rheumatism and muscle pain, liver and gallbladder disease

Mind: stimulating, memory-enhancing and concentrating



Body: against migraine, hypertension, lack of appetite, rheumatism

Mind: whitening, concentration-promoting